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Transfer money from India to UAE from any existing bank account, with real time updates on DCB Remit. Backed with the security of DCB Bank, use this secure and easy way to send money overseas.

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How to Transfer Money from India to UAE

You can transfer money easily and quickly from India to UAE (United Arab Emirates) via DCB Remit in 4 easy steps:

  • Simply log on to and add the recipient as a beneficiary under your account.
  • Enter relevant information like the amount to be transferred, purpose of remittance, and bank account details.
  • Transfer the INR amount to the DCB Bank account. You can do this via whichever mode is most convenient for you, be it online transfers, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS or UPI payment modes.
  • DCB Bank will execute the remittance as soon as the funds have been received by the DCB account, so no need to check in! The payment will reach your overseas beneficiary ASAP!
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How to send money from India to UAE at the best rate

With DCB Remit, you can get superior, competitive exchange rates. DCB Remit is a unique platform open to all Indian residents, irrespective of where they hold their bank accounts. Backed by DCB Bank security, DCB Remit gives you the support and peace of mind you need while looking for a safe and secure way to transfer money abroad at the best rate.

Main reasons to send money from India to UAE

There are many reasons to transfer money to beneficiaries in the UAE. The permissible purposes for fund transfer to UAE via DCB Remit are:

  • Overseas education
  • Maintenance of close relative abroad
  • Gifting
  • Medical treatment abroad
  • Visa Fees
  • Business Travels
  • Private visits

Benefits of using DCB Remit to transfer money abroad from India to UAE

DCB Remit is not just a convenient, but also a very secure way of sending money abroad. Backed by DCB Bank security and available to all Indian residents, this outward remittance service provides both ease of access and peace of mind. Some of the salient features are:

  • Available to all Indian residents
  • Available to residents holding an account in any bank in India
  • Transfer funds without having to visit the bank branch
  • Easy online registration and remittance
  • Attractive and competitive exchange rates
  • Transfer funds from anywhere, even via your smartphone
  • Offered in multiple currencies
  • Ability to track the entire transfer process and transaction status online
  • Get notified when the beneficiary receives money in their bank account abroad
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It's easy to send money globally through DCB Remit. Online money transfer becomes effortless with this easy to use platform. Use it anywhere - from the comfort of your home, or on the go through your smartphone. No need to look for how to send money from India to UAE via multiple visits or banks - just send money to your loved ones in four easy steps!

The limit per transaction as well as annually is USD 25,000 or its equivalent in any other currency. This limit is valid as long as the aggregate of all your retail outward remittances through any authorized dealer in a Financial Year - a 12-month period from 1st April to 31st March of the following year - is within USD 250,000.

While sending money via DCB Remit, you can rest assured that the money will reach the beneficiary overseas account within 24 hours. Subject to compliance clearance and whether money is received by the bank within the stipulated cut offs

DCB Remit has a strong focus on due care and precaution. Powered by DCB Bank and its corresponding bank-level security, it is as good as sending money from the bank branch itself. In fact, it's even better, because you can access this platform from anywhere. Fast and convenient, you can get real-time updates on this platform too. Please follow all regular precautions for operating your accounts, including never sharing your passwords or OTP with anyone.

If you want to know how to send money from India to UAE without any extra charges, look no further than DCB Remit. With zero fees on the platform, international transfers can be done absolutely free.

As stipulated by the Government of India, any conversion from one currency to another - sale, encashment & remittance will be charged GST on the gross amount of currency exchanged as per the following slabs:

1% of the gross amount of currency exchanged for amount up to INR 100,000 subject to the minimum amount of INR 250 i.e. minimum GST payable is INR 45

INR 1000 plus 0.5% of the gross amount of currency exchanged for an amount of rupees exceeding INR 100,000 and upto INR 10,00,000 and

INR 5,500 plus 0.1% of the gross amount of currency exchanged for amount of rupees exceeding INR 10, 00,000, subject to maximum amount of INR 60,000 which caps GST Payable at Rs. 10,800