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How to Send Money Abroad from India

Transferring money abroad is a much easier process than you think! You can send money by visiting a bank branch, where you can fill up an A2 form to remit abroad. Alternatively, you can transfer money online in just a few clicks by making online transfers through a bank's portal. You can also send money from India via remittance service providers and money exchangers.

With these multiple options available, it is simple and convenient to remit money from India.

An international money transfer can be done safely and conveniently through a bank's online/offline remittance services through NEFT, RTGS, IMPS or UPI payment mode.

Technological progress and increasing connectivity has made it both efficient and affordable to do so, with minimal effort on your part.

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Main Reasons to Transfer Money Abroad from India

There are multiple reasons that people may choose to send money abroad from India.

One of the main reasons to transfer money abroad is the payment of tuition fees and maintenance of the students studying abroad. The most popular countries for Indian students studying abroad are US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Other reasons for transferring money abroad
is money sent to

  • New Immigrants
  • Medical Expenses
  • Property Purchases
  • Foreign Investments

Different Modes to Transfer Money Overseas

As long as you are an Indian resident with an Indian savings account, you are eligible to
utilize the following services to send money internationally:

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Bank Transfers & FCDD

It is the most traditional way to send remittances abroad. It is time consuming and an expensive method. Visit your nearest bank branch to remit money abroad via bank transfers. Foreign currency demand drafts can also be used to remit money abroad by drawing the DD in favor of the beneficiary.

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Forex Cards

Any foreign currency can be loaded in a prepaid forex card. Money transfers abroad through the cards is also one convenient method for remittances.

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Digital Money Transfer Services

These service providers offer exclusive exchange rates with seamless digital journey. Quick and paperless money transfer services.

DCB Remit - Powered by DCB Bank is an online outward remittance platform which enables customers banking with any bank in India to send money abroad in the most convenient and fastest way.

Why choose DCB Remit?

Hassle-free transactions
Real-time tracking
Quick setup
Remit to 22 countries
Online transfer
Superior Rates


Send money internationally at zero fees on DCB Remit. International transfers via DCB Remit are absolutely free

No documents are required for transferring funds. However, your PAN details needs to be entered at the time of registration on the DCB Remit website. This is a one-time process and you need not repeat it every time you want to transfer money abroad from India.

Any resident individual (a person who is a resident in India and a citizen of India), can use DCB Remit service even if they do not hold an account with DCB Bank. Persons of Indian Origin and Non Resident Indians are not eligible to use this service.

Certainly! Due care and precaution is exercised with DCB Remit. DCB Remit is powered by DCB Bank, and hence has all the benefits of bank level safety and security. It is as good as sending money from the bank branch - only faster and more convenient, since you can money transfer foreign funds from the comfort of your home. DCB Remit validates transaction details and sends real time updates via email.

Please follow all regular precautions for operating your accounts including never share passwords or OTP with anyone.

The per transaction limit as well as the annual limit is USD 25,000 or its equivalent in any other currency. This amount is allowed as long as the aggregate amount of all your retail outward remittances through any authorized dealer in a Financial Year (i.e. a 12 months' period from 1st April to 31st March of the following year) is within USD 250,000.

There is no limit on the number of transactions per month. However, in a financial year you can remit up to 25,000 USD only on DCB Remit.

When you money transfer foreign funds through DCB Remit, the money reaches the beneficiary's overseas account within 24 hrs. This is subject to compliance clearance and money being received by the bank within the stipulated cut offs

The beneficiary receives the credited funds into their bank account in their respective country.

DCB Remit is a cost effective and completely paperless digital platform. It offers you the most competitive exchange rates with no commission or any hidden charges. Money is credited within 72 hrs to the beneficiary account. It's also easy to register on DCB Remit.