Send Money to Canada from India | Know How to Transfer Money DCB Remit

Send Money from India to Canada

Send money internationally via DCB Remit, powered by DCB Bank. A secure and easy way to send money overseas. Remit money to Canada from any existing bank account, with real time updates.

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How to Transfer Money from India to Canada

With DCB Remit, it is easy to transfer money to Canada from India in four easy steps:

  • iconSimply log in to your account at, & add a beneficiary under your account.
  • iconEnter the amount to be transferred, remittance purpose, and bank account details.
  • iconTransfer the INR amount to the DCB Bank account as mentioned on website via online transfer. You can also choose to use different payment modes like NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/UPI.
  • iconOnce the DCB Bank account receives the funds, it will execute the payment overseas.
How To Send
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Get the best rate for sending money from India to Canada

DCB Remit offers superior, competitive exchange rates to send money internationally. Simply register on the DCB Remit portal to get the best exchange rates with no hidden charges or transfer fees.

Main reasons to send money from India to Canada

Some of the common purposes for international fund transfer are:

  • Overseas education
  • Maintenance of close relative abroad
  • Gifting
  • Medical treatment abroad
  • Visa Fees
  • Business Travels
  • Private visits

All of these are permissible via DCB Remit's portal, so you can transfer funds to Canada stress-free.

Why choose DCB Remit?

Hassle-free transactions
Real-time tracking
Quick setup
Remit to 22 countries
Online transfer
Superior Rates

GIC - Canadian Investment Scheme for International Students

A GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) is an investment scheme that is preferred by international students who are traveling to Canada to study. A GIC acts like a savings account, which offers fixed returns over a certain period of time to all eligible candidates.

Transfer Money from India to Canada to a GIC

It's quite easy to remit money to Canada to a GIC account. With DCB Remit, you can transfer funds to a GIC in four simple steps:

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Log in to

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Add yourself as a receiver and add bank account details

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Before initiating a GIC payment, ensure your name on your DCB Remit account matches the information on your passport and PAN Card

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Book a transaction on the DCB Remit portal

Documents required to transfer money to GIC from India - You can transfer funds online through the DCB Remit portal to a Canadian GIC account. There are very few documents required, such as a passport copy and proof of enrolment in an academic institution (if applicable).

Benefits of using DCB Remit to transfer money to Canada from India

DCB Remit is a convenient online service that makes it easy to remit money to Canada. It is an outward remittance service that any resident of India can avail to send money overseas from India. Some features of DCB Remit are:

  • Available to all resident Indians
  • Available to residents holding an account with any bank across India
  • Transfer funds from any bank in India - no need for branch visits
  • Easy online registration and money transfer process
  • Superior and competitive exchange rates
  • Ease of access - transact even from a mobile device
  • Remittance service offered in 7 currencies
Transfer Money


Sending money to Canada via bank transfers is the best way in many cases, as it is the most cost effective option.

The per transaction limit, and the annual limit, is USD 25,000, or its equivalent in any other currency. This is valid as long as the aggregate amount of all your retail outward remittances through any authorized dealer in a Financial Year (i.e. a 12-month period from 1st April to 31st March of the following year) is within USD 250,000.

With DCB Remit, the money you send can reach your beneficiary's account in as little as 24 hours. Subject to compliance clearance and money being received by the bank within the stipulated cut offs.

Yes, absolutely! DCB Remit supports fund transfer to GIC accounts in Canada. In order to avail this transfer facility, you need to be an existing DCB Bank customer.

No documents are required for sending funds. You only need to provide your PAN Card details at the time of account creation and registration on the DCB Remit website.

Definitely! DCB Remit is powered by DCB Bank, and as such has access to the highest level of bank security. It is as good as sending money from the bank branch, except you get to do it from the comfort of your home with speed and utmost convenience.

DCB Remit exercises due care and full precaution. It also validates transaction details and provides real time updates via email.